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168 Grayston - Showrooms

The design objectives have been successfully achieved:


  • each floor has exceptional exposure to 45 000 cars passing the site daily

  • it is highly visible

  • can be easily accessed via the centralised lobby that seamlessly enables the internal space to be interconnected

  • vehicles can access each floor via a ramp which is great for a motor showroom

  • ample customer parking is available

  • green building which is environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient


This development has been designed as an integrated, multi-tenant or single tenant showroom that can accommodate restaurants, motor and furniture showrooms.


Each floor is sub-divisible and allows for vehicular access. The building is capable of being used as either motor or furniture showrooms, each of which have both common and unique requirements.


Passing vehicular traffic has a clear view of the building and the showroom floor. The challenge was to ensure that each tenant maximises their exposure to show case their brand and products.


Andre Krige and Clinton Angerson of KAPA Architects have expertly designed 168 Grayston.


“We have ensured that the sites naturally dominant position on one of the most prominent gateways into Sandton, maximises the visibility and tenant exposure to traffic entering and leaving Sandton. It’s one of the best showroom locations in Johannesburg”, Andre Krige from KAPA Architects.


Over the next 5 to 10 years, it is going to become increasingly difficult to locate motor and furniture showrooms in close proximity to the Sandon CBD. This will be due to the huge densification that Sandton is undergoing which will continue to push up land prices. Most large office tenants do not want a large and powerful motor or furniture brand to compete with them on the commercial building they occupy, especially if they are a major tenant. The opportunity cost for a relatively low-density showroom to be located on very expensive land that has capacity for high-density offices within the Sandton CBD is going to be too large.


168 Grayston with its high visibility and favourable zoning will provide a solution to high quality motor and furniture brands that requires exposure to the Sandton market.


This is a greenfields site, the property will be developed to accommodate showrooms with a Gross Letable Area of 3 129 sqm on a site of 2 700 sqm.


The site is located on a dominant corner on one of the busiest gateways into Sandton.

All vehicles entering Sandton and using the M1 highway or Bowling Avenue must pass the site. 45 000 cars per day pass this site.


You don’t get more traffic than this, Locate your showroom here for guaranteed views.


For availability and rental rates please contact us | 083 460 8546 /

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